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Welcome to Cherry Grove Community Association, Inc. We are a membership organization devoted to serving the civic, cultural, community, and commercial needs of Cherry Grove residents. Come along and join us, and get involved in the life and future of Cherry Grove, Fire Island. This site is intended to be a useful resource, that will keep you up to date on events and activities in our town, and lead you to other organizations and groups who enrich and enlarge our vision for the community and life here. More than 200 Grove residents are members of CGCAI, and countless others serve on our committees devoted to the improvement of our community life. We look forward to working with you.

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2020 HONORS - Nominating is open now:
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Due to the overwhelming popularity of the STARS for the Dressing Rooms sales, we are extending the Stars to the Roof Deck! Now you can buy a STAR for yourself, a loved one, or even dedicate a STAR, and it will be mounted on the roof deck wall or dressing room floor. For info email Toni

• 09-26-19 - Message from CGCAI  - A number of people have expressed concern regarding the letter homeowners have received from SCWA advising homeowners to contact them to turn off the water meters and avoid potential problems with frozen water meters. Their fee for this is $90 and it is in addition to whatever you pay your plumber to drain your house for the winter.  We are having a problem getting a definitive answer as to why this is suddenly being proposed. From what we can gather, and we have spoken to Chris and Clyde, they both feel that they cover everything when they winterize your house. It seems that there have been some instances of frozen meters on Fire Island (no info on specific numbers for communities) and that SCWA had to replace these meters for homeowners. Apparently SCWA absorbed the cost of these replacements and they do not want to continue to do so since these meters cost $1500 each. We have reached out to Fire Island Association to ask that they get an explanation directly from SCWA. Once we get it , we will pass it along.

NORTHWELL HEALTH DOCTOR'S HOUSE is located at 153 Doctor's Walk. The doctor's office is staffed daily from 9-11AM & 4-6PM, 7 days a week; and is open from May 26th > Sept 15th. During the season you can contact them by phone: 631-597-6767.  

EMS -- Cherry Grove Fire Department is a BLS-certified agency; Community Ambulance has both BLS and ALS (advanced life support) personnel among its volunteers. EMS Response Unit is available from first weekend in May through Columbus Day. If you have a medical emergency CALL 911 - EMS will be there ASAP.