SOCH Project 2011-2017

Save Our Community House (SOCH) was a construction project organized by CGCAI to rebuild the Cherry Grove Community House, the heart and soul of our community. Started in 2011 and going on through 2017, the project included fundraising for the initial engineering & architectural plans to the completed rebuilding. We raised a total of over $1.3 Million Dollars.

S-O-C-H "Dream-Team" 2011-2017:

Diane Romano - President
Toni Cesta - Building & CONSTRUCTION CHAIR
Jean Jerome - TREASURER
Frank Borsas - Fundraising CHAIR
M.E. Manning - Creative Director, graphic DESIGN & advertISING CHAIR
John Adams - Events setup & support
David Medina - Events setup & support, transport
Richard Reilly - Events setup & support
Jack Ruolo - Events setup & support, event design

SOCH Posts

[SOCH] -- 08-2017 CLICK HERE to see a rendering of our proposed Community House upper decks. We have one done, and just one more to go!

[SOCH] -- 07-2017 CLICK HERE to read a recent article on our Community House just published on The Daily Beast website.

[SOCH] -- 07/09/17 "FIFTIES-RETRO PARTY" benefit for SOCH. It was another rocking party!! THANKS to Craig & Julian of The Belvedere!.

[SOCH] -- 08/13/16 "A NEW STAR IS BORN" benefit for SOCH was absolutely fabulous! Many thanks to Sam & Chris of Blueberry Hill. To see some great event pics, click HERE

[SOCH] -- 07/09/16 "CARNIVAL IN VENICE" benefit for SOCH. What a party!! Many thanks to Craig & Julian of The Belvedere.


[SOCH] -- 05/29 COMMUNITY HOUSE Open-House-Day

[SOCH] -- See the latest House renovation PHOTOS

[SOCH] -- Donation Opps are available now here: Community House NAMING-OPPORTUNITIES. For more info, email Frank B.

[SOCH] -- 01/23/15 - UPDATE from foreman Bill: “Everything is going well in paradise except for.…  <READ MORE>

[SOCH] -- 12/22/15 - UPDATE from foreman Bill: "The construction progress is going well...  <READ MORE>

[SOCH] -- 12/11/15 - UPDATE from foreman Bill: "We're definitely making the most out of....  <READ MORE>

[SOCH] -- 10/31/15 - The PILINGS for the new Community House addition are in!  Click here for a peek...

[SOCH] -- 10/08/15 - DEMOLITION UPDATE from Diane:  "Progress on the Community House continues <READ MORE>

[SOCH] -- 10/02/15 - SOCH UPDATE from Toni : "We had been cruising along with the demolition....  <READ MORE>

[SOCH] -- 10/01/15 - L@@K WHAT WAS FOUND BURIED - It's one of the original FIRE GONGS from the original House!

[SOCH] -- 9/22/15 - House DEMOLITION & RENOVATION has BEGUN! See all the photos HERE 

[SOCH] - 07/2015 - Our SuperHeroes Fundraiser raised over $75,000 for SOCH. Thanks Sam & Chris. POW!!!!! 

[SOCH] -- 06/2015 - See the Historic-Site sign. Thanks George!

[SOCH] -- Community House is listed as part of the National Register - Our House is an official LGBT Historic Site

[SOCH] -- We would like to thank our generous SOCH Corporate Sponsors : NY STATE OFFICE of PARKS, RECREATION & HISTORIC PRESERVATION  -and-  AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY 

[SOCH] -- 04/2015 - Contractor Selected! Crellory Construction is scheduled to begin breaking ground in September, 2015

[SOCH] -- 04/2015 - CH Article in OUT MAGAZINE   

[SOCH] -- 04/2015 - Our TOB Buliding Permit has been received  

[SOCH] -- 03/2015 - Permit from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services for the septic system has come through

[SOCH] -- 02/2015 - Four Construction Bids have been received;  Board review process for contractor begins

[SOCH] -- 11/2014 - We have received a grant in the amount of $334,863. awarded by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation. AMAZING NEWS!!

[SOCH] -- 11/2014 - Letter from the President - Latest updates on the Community House Construction Project...  

[SOCH] -- Click here to see a nifty graphic detailing our SOCH progress from 2011, to the Fall of 2014...

[SOCH] -- 10/2014 - Bid packets for the Community House construction project are now available - contact Toni C.

[SOCH] -- 09/2014 - Brookhaven Deptartment of Environmental Protection Wetlands & Waterways Permit received

[SOCH] -- 08/2014 - Brookhaven Town Board Zoning approval for existing structures has been received

[SOCH] -- 12/2013 - SOCH has just received a $25,000 grant from American Express Company. Such excellent news...

[SOCH] -- 08/2013 - See photos of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's visit to our Community House…. 

[SOCH] -- 07/2013 - Huffington Post - Nice article about Cherry Grove & the recent Community House historic status....

[SOCH] -- 07/2013 - SOCH: Frequently-Asked-Questions-2013

[SOCH] -- 06/2013 - PRESS RELEASE about the newly designated landmark status of our Community House...

[SOCH] -- 06/2013 - L.I. Newsday article: "Community House added to National Registry" - read it here...

[SOCH] -- 05/2013 - Community House featured in L.I. Newsday Article - "Senator Gillibrand: Cherry Grove Theater Historic"

[SOCH] -- 05/2013 - Letter from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to The National Register of Historic Places on our behalf...

[SOCH] -- 03/2013 - Letter from our President

[SOCH] -- 03/2013 - L.I. Newsday article: "Cherry Grove House to be deemed Historic..."

[SOCH] -- 02/2013 - Letter from our President...

[SOCH] -- 03/2012 - LATEST SNAPS of contractors installing the initial master steel support beam in the House...

[SOCH] -- 01/2012 - Great News! Initial permits are in to replace wood pilings, and other stuff! Read about it here...

[SOCH] -- 10/2011 - OCTOBER UPDATE - See it HERE...

[SOCH] -- 08/2011 - AUGUST UPDATE - Click HERE...

[SOCH] -- 01/2011 - New Year's Letter from the President