Cherry Grove Committees


Community Communications
Diane Romano, Joyce Yaeger

Save Our Community House (SOCH)
Chair: Diane Romano 
Structure Chair: Toni Cesta
Fundraising Chair: Frank Borsas 
Creative/Graphics Chair: M.E. Manning
Treasurer: Jean Jerome
Grants Chair:  Joyce Yaeger
Grants Members: Carl Luss, Richard Reilly 
Public Relations Chair: Joyce Yaeger 
Group Members: John Adams, David Medina

Community Relations
Chair: Frank Borsas
Members: Bobbie Green, Diane Romano

CGCAI Honors Event
Chair: Joyce Yaeger
Event Design: Michael Coffindaffer
Event Graphics: M.E. Manning
Members: John Adams, Anita Auricchio, Frank Borsas,
Danielle Burenstein, M.E. Manning, David Medina,
Richard Reilly, Diane Romano, Jack Ruolo, Sharon Weinberg 

Daminex & Vector Control
Chair: Dr. Anna Tirado

Labor / Transport
Bobbie Green, David Medina

CGCAI Membership Committee
Chair: David Medina
Member: Richard Reilly

Walk Captains
Chair: Lorraine Michels


Arts Project of Cherry Grove
President: Thom Hansen
Vice President: Dennis McConkey
Treasurer: Eric Coyne
Corresponding Secretary: Anita Auricchio
Recording Secretary: James P. Hughes 
Directors: Matt Baney, Chris Bogia, Peter Loiacono,
Michael Moran, Jo Ann Orfanos
Director-at-Large: Eddie Fraser

Cherry Grove Dunes Fund
President: Donald Hester 
Vice President: Bobbie Green 
Treasurer: Dee Driscoll 
Secretary: John Adams 
Directors: Brian Clark, Sue King, David Medina 

Cherry Grove Memorial Fund
President: Richard Schack 
Treasurer: Evelyn Danko 
Secretary: Juan Punchin 
Directors: Ron King, Francine Sardone, Al Wolff
Director-at-Large: Richard Fenn 

Dr. Elmer A. Lindsay Memorial Fund 
President: Joanne Tavis  
Vice President: Joan Van Ness  
Treasurer: Nancy Adams  
Secretary: Beth Cantwell  
Directors: Nancy Famiglietti, Patricia Goff, 
Peg Ryan, Hussein Tahan


Cherry Grove Property Owners Association
President: Gerri Losquadro
Treasurer: Alison Amron 
Secretary: Richard Schack
Directors: Doreen Rallo, Steve Williams

Waste Management 
Chair: Richard Schack

Zoning Committee
Chair: Alison Amron  
Members: Frank Borsas, Joshua David, 
Steve Williams, Joyce Yaeger  

Noise Committee
Chair: Steve Williams

Dock-Rebuilding Committee  
Chair: Doreen Rallo  
Members: Gerri Losquadro, Ron King,  
Diane Romano, Craig Williams

Political Fundraisers  
Chair: Gerri Losquadro  
Members: Alison Amron, Richard Schack

Fire Island Association
Delegate: Gary Sacks
Director: John Adams 

Beach Erosion Committee
Chair: Gerri Losquadro 
Member: John Adams 

Fire Island Law Enforcement & Public Safety Council 
Chair: Michael Romanelli

Dock Management  
Chair: Doreen Rallo  
Member: Craig Williams 

Dock Masters
Lead Dock Manager: Craig Williams

Beach Attendent
Chris Jones
Please email MEM with any additions/revisions to your committee listings.

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