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Committee Assignments

Cherry Grove has a variety of active committees, from community relations, to community beautification, and alot in between. There's something here for you, so please contact the chairperson and sign up!


Save Our Community House
Diane Romano, Chair
Joyce Yaeger, Public Relations Chair
Mary Ellen Manning, Creative Chair
Frank Borsas, Fundraising Chair
Danielle Burenstein, Joshua David, Thom Hansen, Jean Jerome, Joanne Tavis
Toni Cesta, Structure Chair
Matt Baney, David Bullock, Jack Dowling, Ron King, Peg Ryan
Joyce Yaeger, Grants Chair
Audrey Hartmann, Richard Reilly

Community Relations
Frank Borsas, Chair
Bobbie Green
Diane Romano

CGCAI Honors Event
Joyce Yaeger, Chair
Mary Ellen Manning, Graphics
Anita Auricchio
Danielle Burenstein
Bobbie Green

Dr. Anna Tirado, Chair

Labor / Transport
Bobbie Green, Chair

Julie Paradise, Chair
Lorraine Michels

Steve Williams, Chair

Walk Captains
Lorraine Michels, Chair

Joyce Yaeger, Chair
Mary Ellen Manning, Graphics/Webmaster

Fire Island Association
Gary Sacks, Director

Fire Island Law Enforcement & Public Safety Council
Michael Romanelli, Chair

Dock Administration
Doreen Rallo, Chair

Dock Masters
Craig Williams, Lead Dock Manager
Johnny Giuffre, Senior
Paul Jablonski, Senior
Zachary Stephan, Senior
Marc Giuffre, Apprentice
Ryan Jewels, Apprentice
Cody Rodriguez, Apprentice
Matt Russo, Apprentice
Kayla Stein, Apprentice

Beach Attendent
Chris Jones


Cherry Grove Property Owners Association
Joshua David, President
Alison Amron, Treasurer
Richard Schack, Secretary
Doreen Rallo, Director
Steve Williams, Director

Arts Project of Cherry Grove
Thom Hansen, President
Dennis McConkey, Vice President
Eric Coyne, Treasurer
Kathy Morroni, Corresponding Secretary
James P. Hughes, Recording Secretary
Dan Alita, Director
Anita Auricchio, Director
Matt Baney, Director
James Lyons, Director
Mike Turci, Director

Cherry Grove Dunes Fund, Inc.
Donald Hester, President
Joan Van Ness, Vice President
Michael Romanelli, Treasurer
John Adams, Secretary
Brian Clark, Director
Bobbie Green, Director
David Medina, Director

Dr. Elmer A. Lindsay Memorial Fund (Doctor's House)
Joanne Tavis, President
Joan Van Ness, Vice President
Nancy Adams, Treasurer
Beth Cantwell, Secretary
Nancy Famiglietti, Director
Patricia Goff, Director
Peg Ryan, Director
Hussein Tahan, Director

Cherry Grove Memorial Fund, Inc.
Richard Schack, President
Evelyn Danko, Treasurer
Juan Punchin, Secretary
Ron King, Director
Francine Sardone, Director
Al Wolff, Director
Richard Fenn, Director-at-Large

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